Video Tutorial for Compositing Lightpainted Automotive Shots

You may find this video tutorial useful. Dave Cox is a Senior Automotive CGI Artist and Automotive Photographer. He has produced a step-by-step guide to how he shoots and then edits real-world light painted automotive photographic layers – to create the final shot.

What peaked our interest is how these techniques are transferable to CGI shots. Picking and choosing how each light contributes to the shot, painting away areas where you don’t want the light to affect the subject to get the look you want. You can definitely use these techniques with HDR Light Studio on your automotive projects by soloing lights and rendering out the passes you want to composite.

Dave kindly let us share this video tutorial here on our blog. He has actually been a long time HDR Light Studio user with his CGI work, but it’s nice to see his real-world photography in action.

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