Tungsten - Notes for Existing Customers

HDR Light Studio new products

We have changed how we package and price HDR Light Studio software with the Tungsten release.

Here is some useful information for our existing customers.


Existing customers with Permanent Licenses

If you own permanent licenses of HDR Light Studio and Connections – moving forwards you can renew maintenance on those licenses as usual using our existing maintenance renewal system. We are not changing the prices for maintenance on your software.

We are unable to swap or upgrade your existing permanent licenses over to the new product range.

Subject to your maintenance being up-to-date, you can use your existing HDR Light Studio licenses with HDR Light Studio Tungsten. They are compatible and this will continue in the future.


Existing customers with Subscription Licenses

If you have existing 1 year subscriptions of HDR Light Studio, you can use your existing HDR Light Studio licenses with HDR Light Studio Tungsten. They are compatible.

We are unable to swap or upgrade your existing subscription licenses over to the new product range.

When your current licenses expire - please do take a look at the new product range and select the right license type for you when renewing.


Indie, Pro and Automotive Licenses in older HDR Light Studio builds

The license files for Indie, Pro and Automotive will only work with 'HDR Light Studio - Tungsten' software and higher. If you have an older HDR Light Studio build installed, and use an activation code to install one of the new licenses, this will not be recognised by HDR Light Studio, and the software will appear unlicensed. Simply download and install HDR Light Studio - Tungsten to fix this.


Additional FAQs

I have already purchased HDR Light Studio and a Connection. Am I able to add additional Connections to my existing licenses?

Yes, you can still purchase additional Connections to add to your existing HDR Light Studio installation, please email to ask how to do this.

We have purchased HDR Light Studio prior to the Tungsten release. Can we buy additional seats of HDR Light Studio using the previous model, to match with our existing licenses?

No. Additional seats of HDR Light Studio will need to be purchased from the new product range.
For floating licenses, the new and old product licenses can be mixed on the same license server. The new style licenses will be used first by HDR Light Studio clients. If you would like to talk about your requirements please contact:

I recently purchased HDR Light Studio. Had I known about the changes that were coming, I would have waited and bought one of the new products. Can I get a refund or swap my license now?

Sorry no. It’s totally normal practice for any business to refresh its product range and the way it packages its products or services. You can continue to enjoy using the software on the terms it was sold to you at that time.

If you have any additional questions about the new products please do email, thanks.