Total Chaos 2018: Brendan McCaffrey Talk

Brendan Talk

In May of this year, Lightmap’s creators, Mark and Simon, had the privilege of attending the first ever Total Chaos event held in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was a perfect opportunity to meet our customers, introduce our software to artists within the industry, and watch some incredibly exciting talks from fellow industry professionals.

One key speaker over the weekend-long event was 3D artist Brendan McCaffrey, a long-term user of HDR Light Studio. Brendan discussed his array of projects for leading names such as EA Hasbro and Hot Wheels; his tendency to take on complex projects with tight deadlines, including his extensive work on ‘The Complete Bike Owners Manual,’ and how HDR Light Studio has transformed his images over the last ten years.

Thank you to the Chaos team for capturing Brendan’s talk. To view more content from the event visit