Redshift RT Open Beta is now available

Redshift RT

Redshift RT has recently been released by Maxon to the public as an Open Beta, with Redshift 3.0.56 being the first version to feature the new real-time render mode. It’s no surprise that so many 3D artists were excited to get their hands on this new feature and here’s why:

Redshift RT may be enough for producing final renders

According to Paul Babb, Maxon CMO, Redshift RT uses the same shaders, lights and nodes as Redshift production. The visuals below speak for themselves, as it’s clear to see very little difference between the two renders. Judging based on accuracy and quality of Redshift RT, some might even argue that there will be no need to do a final Redshift production render, as long as the scene isn’t too complicated.

Redshift RT vs. Redshift Production

Improved look development process

Prior to the Redshift RT release, Redshift renderer was already fast. However, the beauty of using Redshift RT lies in speed, accuracy and quality combined. This is particularly useful during the look development process, whether this be working on shaders or lighting with a HDR Light Studio plugin. Imagine perfecting your lighting, shaders, animation etc. only to find out it doesn’t look quite right in final production render. Because of how similar Redshift RT is to Redshift Production, 3D artists today will no longer have to worry about that. You could say it’s a little bit of a ‘What you see is what you get’ situation!

Redshift RT will only get better and better

Redshift RT already seems like a great addition to the Redshift release, however, to make it even more similar to Redshift Production, Maxon will be adding more features to it. Currently, some features available in Redshift Production aren’t yet available in Redshift RT, Maxon has already confirmed that adding Motion Blur, multiple GPU support and Depth of Field to Redshift RT is already a work in progress.

Lightmap’s final thoughts:

Our thoughts on Redshift RT are very positive and we can see how this new render mode will turn HDRI Map authoring and area light creation with HDR Light Studio into an even more pleasant lighting experience for 3D artists.

Lighting in particular relies heavily on fidelity and accuracy of render engines when showing 3D scenes in physically correct lighting. Knowing that there’s a new render mode which is not only fast but accurate and high in quality, will only mean HDR Light Studio users will be able to create their lighting designs even faster and more precisely.

We are currently testing Redshift RT with HDR Light Studio, and we'll be sure to report our findings soon, so stay tuned!

Trying Redshift RT with HDR Light Studio

Maxon offers a free 14-day trial for their products including Redshift renderer. Users wanting to try Redshift RT with HDR Light Studio in their 3D software can simply sign-up for a Redshift trial and then grab a demo of HDR Light Studio for their 3D software.

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