Product Design Renders with HDRI

Product Design render lit with HDRI map

Piotr Kosinski ( used HyperShot to bring his beautiful shaver model to life. Using HDR Light Studio (Standard) to make his own HDRI map, he was able to precisely place and adjust studio lighting around his product, just like a Pro photo shoot.

HDR Light Studio is being adopted by design studios around the world to bring out the best in their product design renderings. Off the shelf static HDRIs are hit and miss, and are not a professional way to approach controlling lighting and reflections in your product design renders. Every product form is different (and every camera angle too) and therefore needs lights and reflections with unique positions, sizes and brightness etc for that shot to bring out the best in the photo-real rendering.

HDR Light Studio let’s you start thinking like a photographer and gives you the power to pick your view and then build up the lights where ‘you’ want them in a HDRI map. This HDRI map will represent all your lights and reflections around your design.