New Training Series for Presets

The Presets system in HDR Light Studio provides a huge amount of lighting content and settings out of the box. Plus it's a great place to curate your own HDR content library by adding your own content that can then be used with HDR Light Studio in a vast range of 3D software.

With the release of Tungsten Drop 4, we have improved many areas of the presets system making it better than ever. So we've created over 1 hour of brand new training content focusing just on the presets.

The training series consists of 8 videos in total:

1. Introduction to Presets
2. Rig Presets
3. Light Presets
4. Content Presets
5. Element Presets
6. Adding HDRI Maps and HDR Images as Presets
7. Managing User Presets
8. Favorite Presets

Watch the new training content now on our Learn page

If you prefer to look at web documentation rather than videos, our online docs for Presets have been updated too here.