Venue for PI-VR IMPRESS 3D

Just got back from an amazing event in Berlin – IMPRESS3D by PI-VR

It was a great opportunity to meet our VRED plug-in users all in one place. Because HDR Light Studio is very easy and intuitive to use… we don’t hear too much from our customers. But meeting face to face we could hear how our lighting tool had fitted so well into their rendering workflow.

Lots of professional photographers have adopted VRED as their tool of choice and we realized just how many photographer customers we now have… their photographic lighting background means they feel at ease with the concept of HDR Light Studio and the placement of light and dark to shape the look of the subject matter.

Venue for PI-VR IMPRESS 3D

The event was not just great because of the good food and meeting all our friends, but the venue was an inspirational choice. Meilenwerk Berlin on first look is a large car museum full of classic and exotic cars that you can drool over. But in fact it is much more… most of the cars are for sale and it’s more of a ‘living museum’ with the cars being restored and maintained by a number of workshops on site. There was a cool garage fixing up an E-type Jag and BMW Z1 (one of my favorite cars)… plus another workshop full of Ferraris. In short Meilenwork smelled and tasted of cars ‘new and old’ and there could have been no better venue to meet our customers from the automotive market.

We hope to spend more time in Germany in the future meeting more of our users. We had the opportunity to teach some of them a few new tricks with HDR Light Studio, making it well worth a visit to our exhibition space. I would like to thank Andreas Moos our German friend for his help on the stand.

Happy lighting
Mark Segasby, CEO & Founder – Lightmap