More than cars and product shots! So cool!

Published: 27th September 2011 | Updated: 15th October 2021

One of the most amazing things about working at Lightmap is seeing the images our customers send us… we are often impressed and sometimes surprised. We were very pleased when Piotr at Ars Thanea ( shared these images with us. Piotr has now adopted HDR Light Studio as his main lighting tool when working in 3DS Max. He creates the overall lighting as a HDRI using HDR Light Studio…sometimes adding light to an existing HDRI… and then adds maybe one CG directional light mainly for controlling more distinct shadows.

Check out more content on these amazing images at Ars Thanea’s Behance page:

Well it was a thrill to see and explains why more VFX houses are becoming our customers – interactive HDRI lighting can be used for any type of work – not just cars and products!

Amazing images from… thanks for sharing guys!

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