MODO users are loving HDR Light Studio

MODO users love how HDR Light Studio has made their work easy, simple and creative.


HDR Light Studio is first and foremost a lighting tool, the HDRI map is simply the carriers of your lighting intent. HDR Light Studio let’s 3D artists express their lighting vision with unparalleled ease and speed within MODO. Our users light their shots faster and achieve sophisticated lighting and reflections without worrying about managing an array of complex settings.

MODO Customer Images

The new HDR Light Studio for MODO integration is helping both beginners and the most advanced users to create better lit imagery. Let’s hear what some of our MODO users are saying about HDR Light Studio…

Jason Bickerstaff

“I had a really great time using HDR Light Studio with MODO on this project. The quality of the light when using Picture Lights is particularly nice. It lends some gorgeous color and intensity variation to the lighting. It’s a subtle effect, but I believe it makes a big difference. The integration is very well done and I especially like that the lighting project is saved in the MODO scene, so I don’t have to manage multiple scene file formats when it’s time to tweak the lighting. That’s a really nice touch.”
Jason Bickerstaff

Fabrice Haccart Olmeca

“I found HDR Light Studio simple and easy to use with an intuitive approach to lighting.”
Fabrice Haccart –

Unmariachi Car Shot

“It’s really a great tool for creating quick light setups with great results. We try to use it every time we need to recreate a scene with studio lighting, a pack shot or, most importantly, a car render.”
Caetano Silva –

“Before I worked with 3d planes throwing lights on the car, but with HDR Light Studio I can achieve better results, because I can work on details without influence the rest of the car. I can use as many HDR lights as needed, without slowing down.”
Benjamin Shpigler –

Dave Murray

“I never considered myself very good at lighting, but HDR Light Studio makes sense to me in a way that traditional 3D lights don’t. HDR Light Studio is so easy to use that I don’t even think of lighting as a chore anymore. It’s now a fun process where I know I can get the result I want quickly and easily.”
Dave Murray –

“I had done IBL lighting in MODO before but HDR Light Studio is a big game changer for me! Being able to interactively modify the HDR environment is such a huge time saver: I can crank up the brightness of portions of the image and have full control over all parameters or build my own environment from scratch. In fact I’m using HDR Light Studio now in every MODO scene. It is so well integrated, it feels like a native part of MODO!”
René Küfner –

Paolo Parrucci

“HDR Light Studio fits this way of working to a tee: it allows me to create good quality lighting without an in-depth knowledge of all settings and parameters of MODO light types, the real time feedback and light paint modes enable me to just tweak and move things around and assess the results visually, without much technical knowledge needed… I’m really happy with my purchase and I have to say I’m not “scared” by lighting anymore.”
Paolo Parrucci –

Mark Ryan

“HDR Light Studio has changed everything! …. I love it. I’m lucky if I get two days to create an illustration and the amount of control and speed your software gives me is amazing. My recent work done with HDR Light Studio is better lit as a consequence of the time and options the software has afforded me.”
Mark Ryan –


“Before HDR Light Studio I had two options. The quick and dirty solution was to slap on a ready-made HDR map. It looks OK in many cases but almost never perfect. The other solution was to light the shot using lights and reflector planes. Good results but often a bit slow and tedious to get right. With HDR Light Studio I get the perfect combination of both. I use custom lit solutions for my shots a lot more now which saves time and increases the quality. It’s also a lot more fun because it gives me more time to be creative with the light.”
Martin Öberg –

The conclusion is clear – HDR Light Studio has totally changed the way users light shots in MODO – it’s an easy to use, fast route to perfect lighting.

To find out more, visit our HDR Light Studio for MODO web page.

A big thanks to our MODO users for contributing to this article!