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Rolex Side

Hi David (Magnum1976), looking at your web site, you work on a wide range of creative visual projects in both 2D and 3D. How did your career start, in 2D or 3D?
I am self-taught since I was a kid. I did not go to art or design school, but in 1999, I was able to join a communication agency thanks to my graphic skills on Photoshop, Xpress and Indesign. But after 6 years in 2D, I wanted to learn 3D and went on a 3 month training course to get started. I continued to train myself after this with tutorials on 3ds Max.

How did you come to choose MODO as your main 3D software?
During my 3ds Max training, I read a 3D magazine where there was an article about Modo 202, showing the ability to paint directly on the 3D model. I wanted to know more, so I put 3ds Max aside for Modo. The early days in Modo were difficult I must admit it, but once tamed, I have never left it.

What are the best features in MODO for your work?
I appreciate particularly Modo for its modelling tools, materials (rounded edge shader for example), live render preview and rendering engine.

You have some beautiful 3D models in your portfolio. Do you model them yourself? If yes, how long has it taken you to become such a good modeller?
Yes, I modelled most of the models of my portfolio. I followed a lot of tutorials to improve myself (I still do, I like learning various techniques and seeing how the other artists proceed). I am always learning every day but to summarize, it took me 3- 4 years. Some models coming from paying or free sites allowed me to make tests, to learn techniques, to manage the lights, to make render because modelling was not my first objective for those shots.

How has HDR Light Studio changed the way you light in MODO ? Does HDR Light Studio save you time or increase the quality of your lighting or does both?
There is an obvious saving of time, the quality of the lighting is superior to that of a standard lighting. The interface is very simple to take in hand. By painting directly the lights in the 3D view, I do not need to spend hours to place a lighting to obtain the reflections wanted in the good locations. My lighting is now more precise and its visible real time in the preview render of Modo. Finally, HDR Light Studio allows me to have a wide choice in the type of lights, by means of the included Picture Lights or by my personal settings.

You have an amazing variety of 3D work in your folio, from architectural and cars through to product viz and character design, what is your favourite type of project and why?
I do not have preference really; it is rather for the feeling. However, I am more attracted by the architecture, cars and packaging. I like to create my own ambience, be that natural, artificial, or realistic. I like playing with the diverse lighting effects. I would love to master modelling characters.


Z28 Front


Z28 Rear

Which creative artists inspire you and your work, what do you look at for inspiration?
The 3D artists… they are many ! In here is a small list : Den Brooks, Andrej Stefancik, Tim Cooper, PK3D Studio, Daniel Simon, Martin Oberg, Luis Sanchez, Jeff Patton, Gelmi.
I am inspired by what surrounds me, researches made on the Internet, magazines, etc.

What’s next for Crizalis Studio? What types of projects are you looking to bring into the studio? What would be your dream project?
I do not have particularly dream project. For the moment, I continue to improve the quality of my 3D renderings, whether it is for cars, architecture or packaging by learning new techniques and workflows using the different software and hardware.

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