Student Work: Mieszko Lacinski & Jeffrey Bryans

We have just got back from the FMX 2016 event and we had a great time. The event was very popular with students and we managed to chat with many HDR Light Studio educational users.

Mieszko Lacinski studying Computer Animation at University of South Wales dropped by the booth and showed us one of his recent projects. We thought it was great and well worth sharing on our blog.

Here is the final Project:

Here is the Breakdown:

Some explanation from Mieszko Lacinski about the project:
The advert was part of our 6 weeks project at university. 6 weeks meant to include 2 weeks of pre-production and 4 weeks for producing including rendering. As we chose to do the advert to be rendered fully using Houdini after a few lighting tests with use of Mantra we knew that we had to come up with a faster way of lighting the advert scenes. At that point I reminded myself about HDR Light Studio that was presented at FMX 2015. We did some tests which turned out multiple of times faster to render and set up. From very high render times they dropped to much smaller ones which allowed us to finish the advert in the end.

Project Statistics:
Team Members
Mieszko Lacinski: Modelling; Texturing; R&D; Pipeline Design; Compositing; Render Wrangling
Jeffrey Bryans: Cameras; Lighting; Shading; Rendering; FX; Editing

Number of shots: 12
Pre-production : 2 weeks
Production: 2 weeks
Post Production and Rendering : 2 weeks

Software used: Houdini/Mantra, HDR Light Studio, Blender, Maya, Arnold, Nuke, Adobe Premiere.