Maxwell Render support for HDR Light Studio Live Plugin

Maxwell Render with HDR Light Studio Live Plugin

Unique New Solution to Provide Simple and Powerful Lighting Approach to the Creation of Photo-quality Renders

LONDON – March 9, 2011 – Lightmap Ltd., makers of HDR Light Studio, and Next Limit Technologies, creators of Maxwell Render, are excited to announce HDR Light Studio Live for Maxwell Render, a new plugin that provides users with a totally new approach to lighting objects. This software will aid the visualization process for jewellery, product and automotive designers by adding interactive real-time lighting, reflection design and HDRI environment augmentation within Maxwell Studio.

HDR Light Studio Live is designed specifically for HDRI lighting design and enables the replication of a studio photography experience. Containing over 100 pictures lights, the plugin includes a wide range of studio light source captures for added realism and provides the perfect solution to replace product photography of consumer goods, jewellery and cars.

“HDR Light Studio’s real-time integration within Maxwell has freed me from the constraints of test rendering and I am now able to create my HDRI lighting systems in a more fluid and dynamic manner,” said Cary James, jewellery designer and Maxwell Render user. “This integration has enhanced my rendering workflow, resulting in higher quality final images.”

HDR Light Studio Live lets users manoeuvre light sources and effects using Lightmap’s innovative 2D HDR interface and the results are then visualized in real-time through Maxwell Studios’ Fire (Fast Interactive Rendering) viewport. This allows for instant feedback and provides users with the time and creative freedom to explore and develop the perfect lighting design in a totally interactive manner, thereby maximizing productivity.

“We are pleased to see this new connection between Maxwell Render and HDR Light Studio, which adds a really great feature for users of Maxwell Studio,” said Victor Gonzalez, CEO of Next Limit Technologies. “The integration of HDR Light Studio with Maxwell Fire inside Maxwell Studio creates a virtual photo studio and is as close to working in real-time in as you can get. This will no doubt prove to be a great time saver for product designers and photographers creating product shots.”

“The tight integration between HDR Light Studio Live and Maxwell Render liberates 3D artists and allows them to quickly create high quality, custom lighting designs for each image they create,” said Mark Segasby, CEO of Lightmap Ltd. “Maxwell Render is the de-facto standard for absolute photo realism in computer rendering and Lightmap is honoured to be working with Next Limit to provide the industry with this groundbreaking lighting solution.”

Example renders from Maxwell Studio - lit with HDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio Live plugin for Maxwell Render is supported in Maxwell Studio’s 2.5.1 point release, which is free to all existing Maxwell Render version 2.x customers. This point release also includes a watermarked demonstration version of HDR Light Studio Live for Maxwell Render.

HDR Light Studio Live for Maxwell Render is included with Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio 2.0 Pro Edition. It will also be provided free to all existing HDR Light Studio 2.0 Pro Edition customers.

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About Lightmap Ltd.
Lightmap Ltd. was incorporated in 2009 in order to forward the development of HDR Light Studio, the company’s interactive tool for designing image based lighting environments for 3D models. The software provides a fast and efficient way to light a 3D scene with photo-real results, while fitting into almost any existing 3D rendering pipeline on the market.

About Maxwell Render
Maxwell Render is a next generation rendering technology based upon the physical equations governing light transport. It enables users to digitally create highly accurate and believable imagery of the real world. Maxwell Render produces incredibly realistic illumination without resorting to the tricks/approximations used by many current industry standard renderers. Moreover, it supersedes existing renderers through its incredible ease-of-use, enabling professionals in a very broad range of disciplines to quickly learn and exploit its capabilities. Maxwell Render is now used as the render software of choice for companies in many industries including Architecture, Automotive, Product/Industrial Design and Media & Entertainment. To find out more about Maxwell Render visit: