Cinema 4D Artists: Markus von Luecken - Bildbotschaft

Founded in 2008, Bildbotschaft is a German CGI and retouching studio specialising in the creation of high quality, beautiful images. Bildbotschaft collaborates with leading creatives and agencies to achieve the most creative outcomes possible.

Called out as one of the world’s top 200 digital artists by the Luerzer’s Archive, Founder and owner Markus von Luecken is a renowned digital artist whose work has been featured in numerous magazines and books about photography and digital art globally including ‘Graphis ‚100 Best in Photography‘ and One Eyeland ‘Best of the Best Photographers’.

Markus loves digital art and enjoys working with emerging and established talents from the creative industry. His work is based on the quintessence of photography: painting with light.


“From my point of view there are only two important parameters when it comes to outstanding imagery – light and shadow. This principle has not changed since the first piece of art was created on canvas, is true for artists, photographers and 3D artists around the world today and it will be the key to good imagery in future, no matter what tools come along. Often 3D artists and digital photographers forget these key aspects as they are distracted by a huge number of technical issues. There is sometimes so much focus on tools and the possibilities that often they lose sight of the image they are working on.


“This is the reason that I love HDR Light Studio. It is easy to use, the handling is intuitive and HDR Light Studio gives you an immediate visual response when you light your scene or objects. It gives you the freedom to focus on your image again, bringing everything back to the roots of photography – light and shadows. It literally gives you the ability to paint with light within the software setup you are used to.”

Bildbotschaft’s main 3D software for more than 8 years has been Maxon’s Cinema 4D used in conjunction with V-Ray to create a powerful setup for almost every project. Lightmap’s Cinema 4D connection allows HDR Light Studio’s tight integration into that workflow.


“One of my favourite things in HDR Light Studio is the ability to create area lights – it’s a game changer for us. It allows us not only to place all lights on one HDR sphere, but provides us with individual area lights that can be treated as separate light sources within Cinema 4D. Although they were created in HDR Light Studio, the connection with Cinema 4D works so smoothly that it feels like it is part of Maxon’s Cinema 4D software. HDR Light studio is our first choice for bringing light and shadows to our projects.”

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