Interview with Phil Sills

Before we release any more CGI lighting sessions directed by Phil Sills, we thought you would like to get to know him better. So Mark Segasby, co-founder at Lightmap, interviewed Phil to find out about his background and how he became the amazing product photographer he is today.

Topics Covered:
0:00 Introduction
1:01 How did Mark and Phil meet?
3:06 Becoming a professional photographer
8:32 Does Phil own a photography studio?
10:02 Did Phil have a mentor for lighting?
14:16 Digital vs Film Photography
24:37 Transition from film to digital photography
27:45 Car photography and learning the art of lighting
35:26 Why specialize in liquids & technology products?
38:18 Photography and CGI

About Phil:
Phil is a London based Advertising Photographer and Director with over 20 years in the business.
Overs the years he has built an enviable reputation for creating hi-end imagery for both liquid products and luxury audio technology brands. To bring these products to life in a photograph requires total mastery of studio lighting techniques. Brands like Lucozade, Ribena, Highland Park Whisky and Bowers and Wilkins are just some of the clients that have put their trust in Phil’s ability to solve their visual problems.

Phil's folio website:
Phil's online product photography course:

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