Holomatix SprayTrace 1.5.20 adds support for LightPaint

SprayTrace supports LightPaint

Users of HDR Light Studio 4, by Lightmap Ltd, can now take advantage of native LightPaint support from directly within the SprayTrace 1.5.20 viewport. It’s the ultimate combination of Maya plug-ins for those looking to quickly and easily light their Mental Ray shots to perfection. It’s like a fully rendered version of LiveLight in a live connection with Maya!

What is SprayTrace?

SprayTrace provides a live progressive render of your Maya mental ray® scene, giving instant feedback on adjustments to shaders, textures, lighting and camera settings. It provides the much missing real-time feedback required in a modern rendering workflow. You’ll never go back to the Maya IPR after experiencing SprayTrace in your workflow. Version 1.5 is packed full of additional features including instant smoothed final gathering and a snapshot buffer to easily compare and save your test shots. Visit for full details on the features.

“Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it and then you realise how could you have ever lived without it. SprayTrace is definitely one of those tools. It revolutionises lighting and shading look development within Maya, enabling artists to interactively and creatively experiment without the constraints of time. The old tweak, render, wait, tweak workflow has finally gone for good.”
Lee Wilson, Senior 3D Artist, Dyson

Easy and Perfect Lighting
Simply run HDR Light Studio from within Maya and then launch SprayTrace. SprayTrace is now in a Live connection with Maya providing a Live rendered preview of your scene lit with the interactive HDRI map from the HDR Light Studio Live session. You can now press CTRL and click on your 3D model in SprayTrace to precisely position the active light. It’s an intuitive and fast method to achieve perfect photo-real lighting results. You can even zoom into the view within SprayTrace to light the smaller details using LightPaint.

SprayTrace - lighting a detail with LightPaint

Pricing and Availability
SprayTrace 1.5.20 is available immediately for £299 at the Lightmap online store. It’s a free update for existing SprayTrace customers.