HDR Light Studio comes to VRED 5.0

HDR Light Studio - VRED Plugin

We are proud to announce Pi-VR’s VRED 5.0 now supports HDR Light Studio directly via the new VRED Live plug-in, available now from the Lightmap store.

The new Live plug-in contains all the features of HDR Light Studio Pro v2.0 and allows your HDRI lighting designs to evolve in real-time directly in VRED.

Osman Dumbuya, Managing Director, PI-VR GmbH says:
“HDR Light Studio is an outstanding tool that really helps create a great lighting setup in a very short period of time. Using HDR Light Studio in VRED offers a totally new, intuitive and most important fully interactive way of working. Changes in the light setup are being updated in real time whether you are working in OpenGL or Ray-tracing rendering mode. With HDR Light Studio and VRED you have full control of all your light set-ups. All effects created in HDR Light Studio are fully being taken to account in the 3D environment in VRED to create sophisticated lighting shadowing and reflections.”

VRED Render Example

About VRED
VRED is a cutting edge visualization package very popular in the automotive industry. It has an excellent track record as a super fast renderer capable of producing very high quality automotive imagery in record times, and is fast becoming a favorite of commercial car photographers moving into CGI. Its ability to handle huge data sets, the realism of final images and its robustness has set it apart from most other visualization technology currently available – which is why some studios are moving away from traditional general 3D software packages in favor of this more specialized tool. Add to this its ability to handle complex nurbs data sets natively with tessellation on the fly, and you have a powerful and scalable visualization tool for high end production environments.

The HDR Light Studio plug-in for VRED is available as an add-on purchase to the HDR Light Studio ‘Pro’ edition. All editions of VRED 5.0 (Pro, Photo and Essentials) now support the HDR Light Studio plug-in.