HDR Light Studio comes to Patchwork3D

Patchwork3D and HDR Light Studio

We are proud to announce Lumiscaphe’s Patchwork 3D version 5.0 now supports HDR Light Studio directly via the new Patchwork3D Live plug-in, available now from the Lightmap store.

The new Live plug-in contains all the features of HDR Light Studio Pro v2.0 and allows your HDRI lighting designs to evolve in real-time directly inside of Patchwork3D.

Patchwork3D plug-in

About Patchwork3D – Software for creating interactive 3D images

Accessible by all the departments of the company that are concerned with marketing, communication, sales and design, Patchwork3D directly exploits 3D models to produce interactive presentations of high visual quality. Patchwork3D integrates very easily into the digital line and provides a collection of easy-to-use tools for manufacturing on demand films, interactive images and high-definition images.

The real-time interactive rendering of Patchwork3D uses an illumination model based on high-dynamic spherical environments for optimal image quality.

Patchwork3D calculates the interactions of light with materials, reproducing numerous complex properties such as grain and multilayer materials.

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