HDR Light Studio 3.5 is coming to Germany - FMX 2012

HDR Light Studio 3.5 at FMX

We are really looking forward to attending this years FMX2012 event in Stuttgart, Germany – from May 8th to 11th. It will be a great opportunity to meet with our users and 3D artists who are interested in image based lighting rig creation with HDR Light Studio. It’s perfect timing too, as visitors to our stand will be able to try for themselves the brand new ‘LightPaint’ feature in HDR Light Studio 3.5 – which will be available on Mac and Linux platforms too for the first time in our history.

For more details on FMX2012 please visit the web site:

If you want to come and see Lightmap Ltd at our stand at the event, but don’t want to pay to get in, then the Friday Open Market is a great option. The Friday Open Market takes place on May 11, 2012. To obtain a ticket, the special registration form (download the PDF form from us here) needs to be filled in and signed. It provides free entrance to the School Campus and Marketplace at FMX 2012 on that date only. It provides no entrance on any other date or to any other offerings taking place at FMX 2012.

We hope to see you there!
(P.S. Thanks to ArsThanea for the cool 3D model seen above in LiveLight on the Mac! Model created by Daniel Komuda and Adam Nakonieczny for Ars Thanea)