HDR Light Studio 3.0 has arrived!

HDR Light Studio 3 released

Lightmap launches HDR Light Studio version 3.0

HDR Light Studio v3.0 features: Collada support, new light blending modes, custom fall-off curves and faster render times

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1st January 2012 – Lightmap today announced immediate availability of HDR Light Studio v3.0 – the most incredible version yet of their groundbreaking real-time lighting software. Packed with new features including; localized exposure, color and saturation tools using new light blending modes, custom fall-off curves, a new color system for lighting artists and Collada support.

None of these new additions are at the expense of performance; HDR Light Studio v3.0 features even faster render times with all parameters now supporting instant feedback.

“The new blending modes for lights in version 3.0 are awesome,” enthuses Bruce Bigelow, Creative Director and Partner at Electric Art, “…because you can dodge and burn huge areas of hi-res HDRI backgrounds instantly and with an incredible smoothness you can’t achieve in any other software. With the new custom fall-off curves, new light shapes are infinite. It’s a quantum leap from 2.0.”

HDR Light Studio v3.0 provides market leading, real-time non-destructive manipulation and generation of HDR environments. Significant updates to HDR Light Studio 3.0 include:

• New Light Blending Modes: use light sources to adjust exposure, color and saturation.
• Custom fall-off curves: fine control over synthetic light fall-off.
• New color system: Color selection and analysis tools designed specifically for lighting artists to allow precise color matching and auditioning.
• Collada support: LiveLight now supports Collada to allow the import of geometry and camera information from all major 3D modeling packages.
• Increased Performance: Faster rendering times and all features now support real-time feedback.

HDR Light Studio v3.0 can slash the time needed to professionally light CG (computer generated) scenes, “Usually, when you’re updating software, you’re disappointed by a lot of features that are totally useless. But with HDR Light Studio v3.0, the team is really listening to what the users are saying,” explains Piotr Kolus, Lead 3D artist at Ars Thanea. “All the new options are boosting your lighting process. From simple changes to advanced new features – all of them are more useful than I expected.”

HDR Light Studio is a proven lighting toolkit that can be used stand-alone by importing 3D scenes into LiveLight, or used in conjunction with any number of Live plug-in partners, including KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, Deep Exploration, VRED and Patchwork3D. This helped position HDR Light Studio as a professional, world-class, image based design suite. Version 3.0 ups the ante even further, “The new blending modes in v3.0 are game changing additions to HDR Light Studio. The ability to fine tune exposure, color and saturation within the software is invaluable. It can make the difference between a nice image and an amazing one,” according to Greg Peruski, CGI artist at Mid Coast Studio. “I also appreciate the ability to place a back-plate image in the LiveLight window now. It makes the process of lighting more intuitive… Being able to see your lighting in context with the back-plate is a huge benefit.”

Typical scenarios in which HDR Light Studio v3.0 can produce incredible results whilst saving time and money include:

• Professional Studio Lighting – design traditional studio lighting rigs using powerful Synthetic and Picture based light sources quickly, efficiently, and with a quality of output not possible in other software.
• On Location Professional Studio Lighting -
load existing HDR environments and augment these with additional light sources to bring out the best in your subject matter.
• Color matched lighting for back-plate images -
create lighting to bed CG objects into existing backgrounds using HDR Light Studios’ color analysis and selection tools.
• Creative HDR location re-lighting
- artistically enhance and relight existing HDR environment maps to creatively change the feel and mood of an original HDR in a non-destructive manner.
• Increasing the dynamic range of LDR environment maps
- extend the dynamic range of existing HDR and LDR* images using dodge and burn techniques with the new light blending modes.

*LDR images must be in exr or hdr formats.

Pricing and Availability
HDR Light Studio 3.0 is available immediately in two versions: a ‘Standard’ edition for £399 plus VAT and a ‘Pro’ edition, which includes plug-ins for KeyShot, Maxwell Studio and Deep Exploration. The ‘Pro’ edition of HDR Light Studio v3.0 is available for £599 plus VAT. Additional Live plug-ins can be purchased for VRED by PI-VR and Patchwork3D by Lumiscaphe. Purchase online, or find your local reseller, by visiting

Click here to see full list of new feature and demo videos