HDR Light Studio 1.5 Released - What's new?

HDR Light Studio 1.5 logo

There’s a host of new features to make HDR Light Studio™ even more powerful.

A new improved interface has a taller ‘Light List’ to eliminate the need for scrolling in most lighting setups. Icons have been created beside each setting, making it even more intuitive to use and less language dependent. To make it easier to imagine the placement of your lights in 3D we have added cubic guides as well as the original latitude-longitude guides for the HDR Canvas.

The generation of Quick preview renders has been speeded up dramatically.
New Features for the Basic Edition:
HDR Light Studio™ Basic now supports 6 lights. The new Opacity control can be used to aid in the fine adjustment of light brightness and as a quick way to hide lights.There are 3 new buttons to control a lights appearance:
Solid – Makes lights opaque and covers any lights and the background beneath it.
Dark – Light is subtracted from the HDR Canvas, so you can now add areas of darkness.
Outside – Enables the fall off to occur outside the light outline rather than be contained within. This is better for a more realistic soft box effect.New Features for Standard and Pro Editions:
Includes all the new features in Basic and…
Advanced Synthetic Light Settings: The addition of Bulb Length and Bulb Position controls for synthetic lights enable a host of lighting new effects – like soft lozenges and linear graduations.
Half – Cuts the light in half so only the top half is used.
HDRI Light Packs
An extra light type button in the top bar opens the Light Warehouse Browser. In here you can choose from a list of the lights contained in your licensed HDRI Light Packs. These packs contain a wealth of image based HDR light sources – from studio lighting through to windows and creative lighting effects.