Framestore's Mercedes shot uses LightPaint technology

Published: 24th September 2012 | Updated: 15th October 2021

Mercedes – Through and Through from danDifelice on Vimeo.

Framestore NYC were beta testers for the new HDR Light Studio 4. They put it to good use on a recent commercial for Mercedes. Andy Rowan-Robinson, CG Supervisor, FrameStore NYC, explains their use of HDR Light Studio 4 for the spot “….we used HDR Light Studio on base HDRI images that were shot on location. These were taken into HDR Light Studio – working as a plugin in combination with Maya and LightPaint – to enable us to accurately place highlights and darken / bring up the original HDRI as required to shape the lighting. It turned out to be an efficient and fun way to light – we could get feedback quickly from the Lightpaint window and take it across for higher quality renders in our renderer in Maya.”

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