Framestore’s award winning Qualcomm Snapdragon spot

Framestore and HDR Light Studio

Framestore have been using HDR Light Studio to light variuos shots recently. We caught up with Andy Rowan-Robinson, CG Supervisor, who explains their use on a recent TV spot for Qualcomm.

HDR Light Studio Screen Grab with Maya and Arnold

“In the Snapdragon spot HDR Light Studio was used from blocking out the lighting right through to adding the final tweaks. It allows an extremely quick method to correct our orientations and quickly balance the base HDR images that we send to our renderer. We can play with the general levels of these base images before we go in and lighten and darken specific areas on the fly to create the shape and look that we are after.

Dragon Close Up

As the shot progresses, the LightPaint feature is great for placing specific highlights and rims in the exact places that we want. Instead of experimenting with specific light positions we can simply click in the view where we want the reflection to appear. We found this especially useful for accurately placing highlights in the eyes to really bring the dragon to life.

Production wise we found it really easy to share settings between artists and shots and found the tool is flexible and modular enough to fit well within our pipelines.

Lovely dragon

To summarise, the tool was invaluable for getting quality and fast results in the lighting – we were able to light accurately and in a very creative way, definitely making the process very enjoyable and intuitive for the lighting artist. By the end of the spot the tool had been employed on almost all dragon shots in the spot.”

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