KeyShot Artists - Formotive

We talked with Niall Hamilton and asked few questions about how Formotive use HDR Light Studio in their design consultancy.

Urbina Motorbike

Urbina Motorbike

What type of 3D work do you do?
Formotive Design Studio helps create innovative conceptual and developmental industrial design solutions across the areas of transport, product and more.

Urbina Motorbike

Urbina Motorbike

What’s your main 3D app and why?
For modeling, PTC Pro/Engineer Wildfire and for HDR rendering, Luxion KeyShot Pro. They communicate well and are both robustly effective yet efficiently flexible.

How did HDR Light Studio fit into your workflow?
HDR Light Studio links with KeyShot in creation of specific studio-style environments for our developmental screen grabs and final renderings.

What are the main benefits of using HDR Light Studio?
No more making do with third-party HDR’s, Light Studio enables straightforward optimisation of our HDR lighting to the character and form of the design at hand.

Please talk about a recent project where you used HDR Light Studio and the benefits it brought?
For the ‘Urbina’ urban motorcycle concept we wanted an uplit feel distinct from other ‘street’ HDR renderings produced, whilst also illustrating depth and detail. Motorcycles can be tricky to render but HDR Light Studio helped us avoid compromise.

What’s the best thing about HDR Light Studio?
Mixing up the helpful variety of presets with custom elements is easy and output previews are really quick.

Formotive: Company Profile
Following many years experience designing with leading London product and transport consultancies, in 2009 Niall Hamilton started Formotive Design Studio to reflect a growth of work with corporate clients. Based amidst the calm Cotswold countryside in Tetbury UK, Formotive specialize in delivering creative consistency for complex form ID projects from first sketch to final surface for conceptual, strategic and production projects with clients worldwide.