Digital-Tutors Announces New HDR Light Studio Training

BMW lit with HDR Light Studio
Recognized as one of the most innovative video-based training solutions in the computer graphics industry, Digital-Tutors, the first training provider for Lightmap Ltd, proudly introduces ‘Getting Started with HDR Light Studio,’ the first title in a new series of training for the software independent package HDR Light Studio.
As a prominent addition to Digital-Tutors online learning library, ‘Getting Started with HDR Light Studio’ provides project-oriented training for learning how to produce highly realistic studio environments, complete with high dynamic range lighting information, for utilization in creating lifelike product renders with any rendering software.

“We’re very proud to be working with the great team at Lightmap Ltd on the release of our first HDR Light Studio title,” said Kyle Green, Director of Curriculum at Digital-Tutors. “Our decision to create training for this unique application was an easy one as it’s extremely beneficial to a wide variety of artists and provides an unlimited amount of freedom in creating highly realistic studio lighting from scratch. It’s with HDR Light Studio that artists have the opportunity to enhance their creative possibilities and achieve their specific lighting needs no matter what rendering software they prefer to use,” added Green.

Key topics and highlights include: adding and repositioning lights, controlling light color and intensity, adjusting bulb placement and light orientation, exploring specialized light controls, using light packs to create highly realistic lighting results, controlling background illumination, and rendering completed environments.

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HDR Light Studio training content by Digital Tutors

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