Digital-Tutors Add HDR Light Studio 2.0 Training to Achieve Photo-real Results

Digital Tutors HDR Light Studio 2.0 training

Since 2000, Digital-Tutors has been dedicated to providing the world’s largest online learning resource for digital artists involved in the computer graphics industry. With the release of ‘New Features in HDR Light Studio 2.0,’ the award-winning video-based company and first training provider for Lightmap Ltd introduce the third title in a collection of educational courses for the software independent package HDR Light Studio, an interactive tool for designing image based lighting environments for 3D models.

“Our new HDR Light Studio release has packed in some major new features that make it easier than ever for 3D artists to create sophisticated lighting/reflection map designs that can be used to create photo-real visualizations that really render fast. We couldn’t wait to get our new software into the hands of the Digital Tutors team and see what exciting training materials they would create to show off these new features to their users” say’s Mark Segasby, CEO of Lightmap.

‘New Features in HDR Light Studio 2.0’ provides nearly one hour of interactive training for artists of all skill levels learning to create highly realistic studio lighting environments through exploring the latest features and enhancements in HDR Light Studio 2.0. Additional course material covers LiveLight, a new tool developed to design lighting directly onto 3D models in real-time, as well as tips and techniques for properly taking?? studio lighting results into Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage for final rendering.

Pricing and Availability
Digital-Tutors ‘New Features in HDR Light Studio 2.0’ is available with the purchase of a subscription.

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