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HDR Light Studio - Xenon: Develop 3D Review

A big thanks to Al Dean at DEVELOP3D Magazine ( for his superbly written review of HDR Light Studio. He has perfectly understood the features and benefits of HDR Light Studio.

Here is a small exert:

"Whether you’re creating lights from scratch or using the benefits of PBR rendering based on HDR environment maps, controlling lighting is fundamental to creating good, impactful images and animations that convey what you want them to.

This is where HDR Light Studio comes into play. It began life as a tool for both creating and editing HDR environment maps, developed by a team who also ran a visualisation studio.

Since its debut, the team behind HDR Light Studio has grown the system way beyond performing that relatively simple task. Today, the system is a fully fledged lighting definition and editing tool, which integrates with all of the leading systems out there."

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HDR Light Studio - Xenon: Review