Congrats to Goon on his Winning Shot!

We caught up with 3D artist Goon after he won a recent render challenge over at AutomotiveCGI. We were delighted to find out the shot was also lit with HDR Light Studio!

Goon Overhead

“I’m a 3d Artist from Sydney, Australia. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and painting, and I knew I wanted to work in a creative field when I grew up. I have been working in the advertising industry for the last 8 years, primarily on large scale print images, which is undoubtedly my core passion.

Goon Overhead Closeup

My main tools of choice are 3ds Max, Vray and of course HDR Light Studio.

Every month or so Automotive CGI holds a competetion for members to produce a CG image on the particular theme for the month. Last month the topic was to create an image with the camera directly overhead of the vehicle. I chose the beautiful Honda NSX as my vehicle, and knew from the beginning that HDR Light Studio would be my lighting solution.

Goon overhead in HDRLS

Being quite a geometry heavy scene, HDR Light Studio was the perfect lighting software for this project. I could get instant feedback on the mood and lighting of the image, whilst keeping an organised scene with just the one HDR rendered straight out of HDR Light Studio. As this was a passion project largely done in my spare time, HDR Light Studio dramatically increased the speed in which this render came together, in a more creative and efficient way than traditional lighting setups.”

Other Goon work also lit using HDR Light Studio

Other Goon work also lit using HDR Light Studio

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Goon. To see more of his amazing work visit his behance.

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