Alberto Luque Marta - First experience with HDR Light Studio

Alberto Luque Marta used HDR Light Studio for the first time to light his project. We were excited to know about his first impression.


He said “The advantage is quite clear, you have the possibility to create a study light or custom fill light to illuminate the model you are going to light and not use a pre-made one.
This gives an immense advantage when it comes to illuminating specific parts of the geometry or creating some shines without the need to add them in post-production. One of the best advantages is to be able to work in GPU directly with the V-Ray RT Viewer, this is really comfortable since you can see how the light affects directly to the scene materials.


It was quite comfortable, simple and intuitive, took a while to find the value to soften the lights, but that was the only thing I can say, since everything else was really easy. I still have to learn a lot from this software but seeing what can be achieved in a first contact, I think it has a lot of potential.”

Thank you for creating a stunning piece of artwork.