10 Year License Winners Announced

We are delighted with the wide range of submissions we received for our 10 Year Anniversary Showreel - thank you to everyone that contributed. It wasn’t easy but we have now selected 3 outstanding projects that we feel demonstrate the power of HDR Light Studio. These worthy entries each win 10 year subscriptions to HDR Light Studio including all Connections, Software Updates and Support. Happy lighting until 2029 you gorgeous winners!

And the winners are (in no particular order)

Winner 1

Character lit with HDR Light Studio

Super Moe by Paul Gawman (

Software credits: ZBrush, Substance Painter, Maya, V-Ray, HDR Light Studio, Photoshop
Head Scan: ten24

About the Project
Moe was a non-commercial project. A tongue in cheek look at iconic characters from popular culture.

HDRI eye reflections

Words from Paul
”HDR Light Studio has become an integral part of my workflow. It's a huge time saver and allows me to iterate quickly. The software integrates beautifully with Maya and V-Ray’s interactive rendering and takes a lot of the guesswork out of lighting a scene.

When it came to lighting Moe, I began by creating a classic 3 point light set up in HDR Light Studio. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? From there it was easy to add additional fill lights to open up shadow areas and picture lights to accentuate the details necessary to best describe form. I thought the 'Super Hero' subject deserved a slightly cinematic grade. With HDR Light Studio I could quickly and easily paint Moe with warm and cool light."

HDR Light Studio interface with digital human

Words from Mark Segasby, Co-founder Lightmap
“You could easily be mistaken in thinking that only the metal blades in this image were rendered. But the entire image is CGI. Paul included a grab of the HDR Light Studio interface showing a complex lighting design with a real world background HDRI map acting as the base. We love the final image, and the lighting is dramatic and really shapes the characters face and brings the eyes alive.”

Winner 2

Photoreal food lit with HDR Light Studio

Mars Planet by Cream Electric Art (

Software credits: 3DS Max, Mudbox, Substance Designer, V-Ray, HDR Light Studio

About the Project
Client: Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Agency: Creaytive Melbourne
Creative Director: Chris Reay
CGI & Retouching: Cream Electric Art

Chocolate detail lit with HDRI

Words from Bruce Bigelow, Creative Director, Cream Electric Art
“A dream brief for Mars, via the guys at Creaytive Melbourne. We had to create a photo real chocolate planet encompassing all the ingredients of an actual Mars bar. Created completely in CGI with detailed finessing in Photoshop, this one was all about capturing the taste appeal and energy. Lighting this kind of project is a really complex exercise. HDR Light Studio gives us the ability to place highlights and light sources where you want them really easily and has the flexibility to be able to shape the light sources in terms of color and graduation quickly and spontaneously. “

Chocolate detail lit with HDRI map

Words from Mark Segasby, Co-founder Lightmap
“Of course every detail of this shot is accurately modelled and the materials are totally believable. The lighting is just perfect too. It’s not over the top and is restrained. The lighting is used to describe the form of the chocolate and its ripples, whilst also bringing life to the caramel, with just enough lovely highlights in just the right places. This image is delicious in every way.”

Winner 3

Motorbike lit with HDRI

Triumph Tiger by Wonder Vision (

Software credits: SolidWorks (data prep), 3ds Max, Maxwell Render, HDR Light Studio, Photoshop

Words from James Elderton, Managing Director, Wonder Vision
"We worked with Triumph Motorcycles to transition them from photography to CGI for their Global Online Configurator and studio based press shots. This CGI press shot was created to showcase the Tiger 800 XCa and was one of 156 press shots created for the project along with the configurator that showed the accessories available for each variant of the bike."

Motorbike lit with HDRI map

"HDR Light Studio was essential in the creation of the image. It allows us to quickly control the style, position, colour and intensity of the lights in an easy interface, across the different software packages we use so that our artists have no limits when it comes to lighting. For a project like the Triumph Tiger 800, there are many different surfaces catching light and reflections, so this control was perfect in creating this image."

Words from Mark Segasby, Co-founder Lightmap
“A motor bike is a very complex product with lots of different materials and 3D forms. For a marketing image, the lighting really does need to help visually describe the product, so you can understand its shape and design. We think the lighting here really does a first class job. The form of the bike is really well described. The image is also exciting and dynamic, with each element of the bike, like the tires and fuel tank, being really well showcased due to the lighting. As always, lighting needs to react with well-constructed and accurate materials, and in this case the materials are just perfect too.”