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RenderMan – Physically Plausible Tutorial

Physically Plausible Pig

Out now at RenderMan University, The Piggy Bank Breakdown.
Maya, RenderMan and HDR Light Studio tutorial for the fast creation of physically plausible results.

This five part “How To” will show the workflows involved in shading and lighting a hypothetical CGI job for the advertising industry, an industry notorious for tough deadlines and fast turnarounds. During these lessons we will explore techniques to quickly create photorealistic images with image based lighting, as we take a simple model and use interactive ray-traced re-rendering to deliver rapid iterations for look development. These lessons will focus on using the physically plausible shading system in RenderMan Studio to achieve our final polished result.

Click here to visit RenderMan University and see the tutorial


New HDR Light Studio plugin for SprayTrace

20th February 2012 – London

Lightmap Ltd are proud to announce the launch of HDR Light Studio live for SprayTrace.

Users of SprayTrace for Maya and HDR Light Studio Pro version 3 can now enjoy interactive image based lighting design and augmentation sessions, all in real-time on their Maya MentalRay scenes. Move a light in HDR Light Studio live and see the results update instantly in the SprayTrace viewport. Continue reading