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Jomar Machado lights up prestigious calendar with HDR Light Studio for 3ds Max

Jomar Machado has produced this stunning image for Shell’s 2014 Calendar. He created the shot using 3ds Max and Mental Ray to render the truck, car and motorbike. The vehicles were lit entirely with HDR Light Studio, used to enhanced an existing HDRI map to perfectly shape the lighting and reflections for a more dynamic final image with an illustrative style.

Jomar 3ds Max render

Jomar used the new HDR Light Studio live connection with 3ds Max to push his 3ds Max scene into HDR Light Studio, where the LiveLight preview window was used to position additional lights onto the HDRI map using the ‘point and click’ light placement tool – LightPaint. Jomar could easily and artistically place highlights and reflections to really sell the 3D form of his model and create the perfect lighting rig. Because the shot was lit entirely with a single HDRI map, then 3ds Max was able to render the final image too!

Here you can see some screen shots of the model loaded into HDR Light Studio’s LiveLight window.

Jomar - HDR Light Studio and 3ds Max

…. and here’s the final shot comped together in Photoshop.

Jomar - final shot lit with HDR Light Studio

A big thanks to Jomar Machado for sharing this work with Lightmap. To see more of his work using 3ds Max and Mental Ray, please do visit his blog or gallery.

Additional image credits: Art Director – Victor de Castro, Creative – Raul Fernandes

If you are impressed with this new way to light your scene and enhance HDRI maps in 3ds Max – check out the HDR Light Studio for 3ds Max web page for more details and example images.

Happy lighting!

PK3D Studio – Studio Lighting with V-Ray for 3ds Max

The best part of developing creative software is when our customers share their artwork with us. Some images are a cut above the rest and take the quality bar to a higher level, and this is one of those cases. These images by PK3D Studio are absolutely stunning and show how computer generated imagery can truly be a replacement for photography.

PK3D Studio has been using HDR Light Studio with V-Ray for 3ds Max since version 1. It has become the main lighting tool for Piotr’s work in V-Ray. He only reaches for V-Ray 3D light sources once he has the main lighting accomplished using HDR Light Studio.

Here are some words from Piotr about the project:

All the models are NURBS/CAD models delivered by the agency, so I didn’t have too much work to do with them besides setting the mesh resolution and only few areas/parts were remodeled because of issues with the meshes after conversion to polygonal structure. Basically I start with the camera angles preparation; once they were approved I started preparing the lighting. It is always the most exciting part as you constantly have visual effect of the changes every time you update the lights in HDR Light Studio. HDR Light Studio always saves me a lot of time in the lighting process in 3ds Max. The software has got faster and more intuitive with every update, I really like how LightPaint works, making it possible to get reflections on every small corner/edge with one click.

I still use the LiveLight real-time renderer inside HDR Light Studio for designing my lighting, as it is faster than using V-Ray RT and lighting the final scene with all materials and textures etc. The geometry and cameras are exporting perfectly from 3ds Max using the .mi format. Usually it takes around 3-6 test renders before the lighting is complete, the rest is done in postproduction.

Please do enjoy these beautiful images and if you want to light your V-Ray for 3ds Max shots faster and to this level of quality, find out more about HDR Light Studio’s live connection to 3ds Max here.


3ds Max Studio Lighting - Toaster
Scene is set-up in 3ds Max with V-Ray materials

Studio Lighting for V-Ray
Scene is pushed into HDR Light Studio and lighting is developed with real-time feedback in LiveLight window

Here are the final results:

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

3ds Max - Studio Lighting

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray for 3ds Max - Dome Light

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray Dome Light

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max


Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray HDRI Map

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray Studio Lights

Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Brendan McCaffrey – HDRI Lighting in ‘V-Ray for 3ds Max’

We are so pleased that Brendan McCaffrey shared some of his latest work with us, lit with HDRI maps created with HDR Light Studio, and rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max. These images are stunning!

Brendan said “I have been using HDR Light Studio for the last couple of years and it’s my constant companion. I recently completed a large product packaging project and used HDR Light Studio throughout.  The headphone images are a sample of the 200+ images and animations I created and not a single 3D light was used! Models were all CAD data from the manufacturer apart from the soft parts that I modelled.  All images were rendered at about 10k-18k pixels”

Here are just some of the images lit with HDRI maps in V-Ray for 3ds Max that he shared, you can see more of his stunning work at: www.bmcaff.com

If you have been inspired by Brendan’s shots, why not check out HDR Light Studio’s live connection with 3ds Max here.

V-Ray HDRI Render

Gratitude Headphones

V-Ray HDRI map lighting

Immersion – Headphones

V-Ray for 3ds Max lighting

Inspiration Headphones