Lighting Software for CGI Advertising

Published: 6th December 2016 | Updated: 15th October 2021

Commercial advertising imagery can require 3D artists to create works of art within a matter of days, even hours.

HDR Light Studio provides commercial artists with a huge amount of creative freedom to quickly create photo-real lighting effects to enable hyper-real advertising imagery. Make images for the highest profile advertising campaigns faster than ever with HDR Light Studio.

PK3D - Hotpoint Rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max

Hotpoint – PK3D

HDR Light Studio software has become a firm favorite amongst those wishing to create stunning CGI advertising images. Lighting is powered by a dynamic HDRI map, generated on the fly. The final lighting has all the benefits of image based lighting – which is stunning images, where illumination and reflections work in perfect harmony.

Cadbury Rasberry by Electric Art

Cadbury Rasberry by Electric Art

HDR Light Studio 5 brings new levels of precision and efficiency to lighting advertising shots. Users can literally art direct the light within the final shot. With the ‘LightPaint’ feature, users can click directly on the rendered view where reflections and light is required – in an instant HDR Light Studio calculates where to place the light on the HDRI map to get the desired result.

Caramel Loves Chocolate by Luminous Creative Imaging

Caramel Loves Chocolate by Luminous Creative Imaging

Creative types need no longer wrestle with 3D light sources, mapping ramps onto emitters and a long trial and error process to get the lighting right.

Check out our gallery to view more Advertising Images lit with HDR Light Studio.

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