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HDR Light Studio version 2 is released

HDR Light Studio version 2

HDR Light Studio version 2.0

LONDON – Nov. 2, 2010 – Lighting design can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the visualization process, particularly for those professionals seeking photorealistic results suitable for design, advertising and marketing imagery. Lightmap Ltd., makers of HDR Light Studio, are excited to announce an important advance in the area of lighting, visualization and HDRI rendering: HDR Light Studio 2.0. The newest version of Lightmap’s flagship product for interactive image-based lighting, HDR Light Studio 2.0 provides 3D computer graphics (CG) artists with an interactive tool for designing image-based lighting environments for their 3D models, and an accelerated way to light a 3D scene with photo-real results.

“Our clients have been steadily moving toward a CG workflow as it oftentimes reflects a significant cost savings over traditional photography,” said Greg Peruski, digital artist at Midcoast Studio. “Advertising imagery constantly dances the line between reality and idealism, and HDR Light Studio 2.0 allows me the flexibility to achieve the right look quickly and easily.” Continue reading


HDR Light Studio 1.5 Released – What’s new?

There’s a host of new features to make HDR Light Studio™ even more powerful.

A new improved interface has a taller ‘Light List’ to eliminate the need for scrolling in most lighting setups. Icons have been created beside each setting, making it even more intuitive to use and less language dependent. To make it easier to imagine the placement of your lights in 3D we have added cubic guides as well as the original latitude-longitude guides for the HDR Canvas. Continue reading