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Lightmap Opens New UK Head Office

Lightmap Head Office - Hexgreave Hall


Lightmap Ltd, a developer of computer graphics lighting software for the advertising and visual effects industries, today announces that it has completed its move to a new head office at The Hexgreave Estate, Nottinghamshire, England.

Lightmap’s new office facilities provide much needed room for the expanding team that support and develop ‘HDR Light Studio’ software, used by 3D artists around the globe to light their design, advertising and VFX imagery. The software has been adopted widely by the automotive industry for the creation of marketing imagery of new vehicles. In fact all top 10 global car manufacturers use Lightmap’s software, plus a host of photographers, retouching artists and CGI houses that work in this sector.

Mark Segasby, Lightmap CEO says “We are absolutely delighted with the quality of the facilities here at Hexgreave. We look forward to hosting marketing events and customer training days here in the near future. Our new location provides the right environment to support our next stage of growth. We are really looking forward to working with our customers and partners here in the exciting years to come. ”

The new offices are centrally located in England, in the beautiful surroundings of the Nottinghamshire countryside, with excellent travel links to London and East Midlands Airport.


HDR Light Studio 4 Live Connection Arrives for RTT DeltaGen

Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio 4 Live Connection Arrives for RTT DeltaGen 11.0.3

Lightmap announces the HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for RTT DeltaGen 11.0.3. The connection brings full support for HDR Light Studio including the revolutionary interactive LightPaint feature allowing DeltaGen users to click directly within their rendered viewport to place and select lights on HDR Light Studio’s canvas. Continue reading


HDR Light Studio Live arrives for 3ds Max

Real-time image based lighting for the market leading visualization solution. The new HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for Autodesk 3ds Max with Chaos Group V-Ray launches today.

The new HDR Light Studio 4 Live connection for Autodesk 3ds Max with Chaos Group V-Ray launches today. Artists can now light their scenes with real-time feedback using V-Ray RT as the ActiveShade renderer and HDR Light Studio’s innovative interactive HDR canvas. Sophisticated lighting environments can be created in moments to perfectly light and reflect in your shot. It’s an amazing new approach to light V-Ray scenes, seeing the lighting interact with your materials in your final shot.

Mark Segasby, Lightmap CEO, says “We are very pleased to launch this highly anticipated Live connection for our 3ds Max customers. The first renderer to benefit is V-Ray. Many customers have been waiting for this exciting update. The V-Ray dome light provides amazing results from HDRI maps, it’s a perfect match for our real-time image based lighting tool”

This latest Live connection is a free update for existing HDR Light Studio 4 customers who already benefit from the wide range of connectivity including an Autodesk Maya connection which also supports V-Ray.

Rusko Ruskov, 3D Artist and Master V-Ray Trainer at Chaos Group commented “I’ve always considered HDR Light Studio to be a very powerful tool when creating studio light setups. The new version has added even more ease of use and features. Lightmap and Chaos Group teams have worked to make our new editions integrate seamlessly resulting in a streamlined, fast workflow allowing greater creativity and freedom for experimentation. With the ability of V-Ray RT to display changes made to the light setup in HDR Light Studio and the latter being able to reflect back any change made to geometries or materials, you no longer have time consuming test renders and tedious tweaks. HDR Light Studio now works great together with V-Ray RT in 3ds Max and Maya, thus helping you preview scenes whilst creating custom HDRIs. I strongly recommended this must have tool.”

Brett Simms, Founder, Heavy Artillery added “The new HDR Light Studio Live connection to 3ds Max with V-Ray is an unbelievable time saver for me. Being able to create image based lighting on the fly with instant feedback in V-Ray RT is amazing. My lighting process is now significantly faster and with all the lighting coming from IBL, the renders are often much faster too. If you haven’t tried it, you should!”

Pricing and Availability
Lightmap HDR Light Studio 4.1 including the new Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray connection is available immediately for £299 / $499 / €399 through the online Lightmap store or through any Lightmap Authorized Reseller. HDR Light Studio 4.1 is a free update to existing HDR Light Studio 4 customers – download the new version today from your Lightmap store account.

For more information visit the 3ds Max workflow page on the HDR Light Studio web site

About HDR Light Studio
Launched in 2009, HDR Light Studio has become the de facto standard for interactive creation and control of image based lighting for computer graphics. The software provides a fast and efficient way to light a 3D scene with photo-real results, while fitting into all major 3D rendering pipelines on the market. It is used worldwide by 3D artists lighting CGI shots of cars, jewelry and all other rendered models and in animated TV commercials and movie VFX. HDR Light Studio creates a single HDRI map containing the entire lighting for a scene providing total realism with illumination and reflections working in harmony. This innovative, patents pending, approach to lighting has allowed manufacturing, visualization and entertainment companies to bring their creations to life with photo-real perfection.

About Lightmap
Lightmap Limited is a leader in photo realistic lighting design tools for CGI and VFX professionals. Lightmap software enables artists and designers to create perfection and control reality when lighting their vision.

HDR Light Studio is a trademark of Lightmap Limited. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.


HDR Light Studio support comes to Autodesk Showcase Professional 2013

Autodesk Showcase Professional 2013 (R1) users can now use HDR Light Studio 4 to create and edit HDRI maps, lighting their scenes with tailored reflections and enjoying maximum realism and creative control. The HDR Live connection enables instant updates in the Showcase Professional viewport, providing a virtual lighting studio. Design presentations and marketing imagery quickly and easily reach new levels of visual perfection.

Mark Segasby, Lightmap CEO says “We’ve worked closely with Autodesk to integrate HDR Light Studio and Autodesk Showcase Professional to give a great result. Lighting plays a key role in helping to communicate new designs, really making the materials and form come alive. Designers can now craft lighting set-ups with ease for each Showcase project, seeing the results in real-time on their models. Users have a wide range of lighting effects at their fingertips to ensure their designs look their best. It’s a very powerful combination.

Continue reading


3D World Reviews HDR Light Studio 4

The latest edition of 3D World (164) includes an excellent review of HDR Light Studio 4 – scoring 4/5.

Here’s a small snippet:
“With its comprehensive toolset and new LightPaint feature, HDR Light Studio 4 makes the task of HDR lighting sublimely easy. Certainly for jobs where the client wants a very specific look, they can now point precisely to where they want a highlight to fall and the result is a mere mouse click away. It’s hard to see the counter argument for studios creating product shots against dropping a few hundred pounds on an application that will both save time and improve the quality of their final renders….. A near-perfect solution for bespoke HDRI lighting.

Also many thanks to Ars Thanea for providing example images lit with HDR Light Studio for the review.

To see the full review as a PDF document click here


Novedge Webinar


Mark Segasby, Lightmap Co-Founder, will be demonstrating HDR Light Studio in a Novedge Webinar.

Fast Perfect Lighting with HDR Light Studio 4
Live! Wednesday, November 21, 2012 — 11:00am PDT

For more details visit the Novedge web site:

Update Nov 22nd 2012: Watch the recorded webinar right here, learn all the basics of lighting in HDR Light Studio 4 with KeyShot, Maxwell Studio and Maya.

Novedge Webinar Series Episode 59: Fast Perfect Lighting with HDR Light Studio 4 from Novedge on Vimeo.


Maxwell Studio 2.7.20 – support for HDR Light Studio 4 on Mac and Linux

Maxwell Studio + HDR Light Studio 4 Live are now compatible on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms

The latest Maxwell Studio 2.7.20 installers for Max and Linux support HDR Light Studio 4. No special plug-in is required, simply install Maxwell Studio and HDR Light Studio 4 (Full or Demo) on the same machine. Maxwell Studio will see the HDR Light Studio 4 installation and can launch it in Live mode for interactive image based lighting in Maxwell Studio using the FIRE preview.

Big thanks to the Next Limit team for their excellent partnership and support with this integration. We are delighted that Mac and Linux users can now take advantage of this compatibility.


HDR Light Studio 4 is here – Win, Mac & Linux

Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio 4 Delivers Unparalleled Lighting Control For All 3D Artists

London, UK, 24 September, 2012: Lightmap launches HDR Light Studio 4 for Windows with OS X and Linux releases available for the first time bringing the creation and control of image based lighting within the reach of all 3D artists. LightPaint, LightCam, FilmBack and SunShade technologies combined with Python scripting give stunning new routes to peerless lighting and visual perfection.

“HDR Light Studio 4 offers a unique lighting approach that benefits all 3D and visualization artists” said Mark Segasby, CEO of Lightmap “This major new release brings this technology to all 3D professionals and students with competitive new pricing and licensing options. Our single edition contains all the features and connectivity, including Live plug-ins, to make HDR Light Studio 4 part of your 3D workflow today on any platform.” He continued “Our latest release introduces a vast array of new features, led by LightPaint, providing the greatest creative lighting control possible for our customers.”

“LightPaint has revolutionized our lighting workflow. No more trial and error and waiting for re-renders, just instant visual feedback as you move lights around. LightPaint takes the guesswork out of placing light…” said Tom Painter, Bigman

“HDR Light Studio 4 became my default lighting solution after about 15 minutes of playing with the Beta… I love placing lights by ‘touching’ the model, it’s so intuitive and a huge time saver.” said Jim Cascarina, MGV Continue reading


HDR Light Studio 3.5 is coming to Germany – FMX 2012

We are really looking forward to attending this years FMX2012 event in Stuttgart, Germany – from May 8th to 11th. It will be a great opportunity to meet with our users and 3D artists who are interested in image based lighting rig creation with HDR Light Studio. It’s perfect timing too, as visitors to our stand will be able to try for themselves the brand new ‘LightPaint’ feature in HDR Light Studio 3.5 – which will be available on Mac and Linux platforms too for the first time in our history.

For more details on FMX2012 please visit the web site:

If you want to come and see Lightmap Ltd at our stand at the event, but don’t want to pay to get in, then the Friday Open Market is a great option. The Friday Open Market takes place on May 11, 2012. To obtain a ticket, the special registration form (download the PDF form from us here) needs to be filled in and signed. It provides free entrance to the School Campus and Marketplace at FMX 2012 on that date only. It provides no entrance on any other date or to any other offerings taking place at FMX 2012.

We hope to see you there!
(P.S. Thanks to ArsThanea for the cool 3D model seen above in LiveLight on the Mac! Model created by Daniel Komuda and Adam Nakonieczny for Ars Thanea)