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Framestore’s award winning Qualcomm Snapdragon spot- Lit by HDR Light Studio

Framestore and HDR Light Studio

Framestore have been using HDR Light Studio to light variuos shots recently. We caught up with Andy Rowan-Robinson, CG Supervisor, who explains their use on a recent TV spot for Qualcomm.

HDR Light Studio Screen Grab with Maya and Arnold

“In the Snapdragon spot HDR Light Studio was used from blocking out the lighting right through to adding the final tweaks. It allows an extremely quick method to correct our orientations and quickly balance the base HDR images that we send to our renderer. We can play with the general levels of these base images before we go in and lighten and darken specific areas on the fly to create the shape and look that we are after. Continue reading


Guillaume Gaillard – Citroën DS3

Here’s a great project lit with HDR Light Studio and kindly shared with us by Guillaume Gaillard of ‘GHiOM‘.
It was created with 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray.

Thanks dude! It’s a great project and good job on the lighting.

Client : Citroën
Agence : Fullsix
Date : 2012
3D model : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Animation : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Lightning : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
3D Rendering : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard
Compositing / Particular / Color correction / opticalFlare : GHiOM Guillaume Gaillard


Bringing Microsoft Surface to Life

Surface - lit by HDR Light Studio

We all like nice surprises, and it was a very nice surprise to find out that HDR Light Studio was used to light the photo-real CG renders for the ‘Surface’ launch – the advanced new tablet computer created by Microsoft. Even better, it’s nice to know that the team at Microsoft continue to use HDR Light Studio for forthcoming images of the new Surface Pro and beyond, it’s now an essential part of their CG lighting workflow for marketing images, be that in KeyShot, Maya… in fact any renderer. The beauty of HDR Light Studio is it supports any software using image based lighting – so once you learn it, you can take it to any 3D software for great photo real results. Continue reading


New Citroen C3 lit by HDR Light Studio

Caetano Brasil, Tiago Aiello and Felipe Roque have used HDR Light Studio to light some amazing CGI shots of the new Citroen C3. They are big fans of HDR Light Studio and now use it on most jobs. We are so pleased they do!

To see more images from this project, please visit the Digital Art Served web site where these amazing images are featured:



Framestore’s Mercedes spot uses LightPaint technology

Mercedes – Through and Through from danDifelice on Vimeo.


Framestore NYC were beta testers for the new HDR Light Studio 4. They put it to good use on a recent commercial for Mercedes. Andy Rowan-Robinson, CG Supervisor, FrameStore NYC, explains their use of HDR Light Studio 4 for the spot “….we used HDR Light Studio on base HDRI images that were shot on location.  These were taken into HDR Light Studio – working as a plugin in combination with Maya and LightPaint – to enable us to accurately place highlights and darken / bring up the original HDRI as required to shape the lighting.  It turned out to be an efficient and fun way to light – we could get feedback quickly from the Lightpaint window and take it across for higher quality renders in our renderer in Maya.”

For more information on this commercial visit the Framstore web site:



Stanley Black and Decker

Lightmap are delighted to have Stanley Black & Decker onboard as new users of HDR Light Studio software.

“The HDR Light Studio plugin for KeyShot has dramatically improved our workflow. We now have full creative freedom to experiment with different lighting schemes with dynamic results. The combination of KeyShot and HDR Light Studio is our design teams complete solution for digital 3D visualization. “
Dave Miller, Designer, Stanley Black and Decker